We don't show the buyer the name of your company or Business because we have verified everything posted on our ecommerce platform and found to be Original, of high Quality and Brand new. We make sure Everything posted is of the highest quality standards to protect our good reputation of offering Quality, Original and Brand new products and services.
Every Seller on Businessclaud has their own account for selling, this means even if your brands are the same, no one will use your brand. Every time orders are made on Businessclaud, the seller company details are sent to the buyer alongside the purchase email
Businessclaud guarantees that you will sell, that is why we charge some money. It is meant to give you results by all means. That is what differentiates us from our competitors. Sometimes once in a while we know that it could take a much longer time for some products to be sold as compared to others. In any case that you have not sold anything, we extend your time on Businessclaud until you have recovered all your money plus profit.